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Women in Theatre

From the moderator: “There has been a recent explosion in the blogosphere in response to Company B’s 2010 season launch and the lack of women represented as writers and directors…

As a response, here is an excerpt from Kevin’s review of UNDER ICE which was posted a week before the event…”

Just a note. This is the second work by Kellie Mackereth I have seen this year. Both have been highly satisfying. It is interesting to see the number of women directors been given a ‘guernsey’ at the Griffin in contrast to similar like minded Theatre Companies in Sydney. I will name, Cristabel Sved, Tanya Goldberg, Shannon Murphy, Lee Lewis, Kate Gaul (Forgive me if I have left you out?) as striving and highly accomplished artists in this city. It is puzzling to see the male director often been given opportunity with less satisfying track records. I don’t believe in them and us but some equality of opportunity would be less worrying to observe. With the Companies about to announce their seasons both main house and otherwise, one hopes for a more enlightened spread of talent opportunity. Once upon a time I remember the women artists complaining of the so called “Gay Mafia” conspiracy that prevented opportunity and recognition, now rumour has it, that it is the “hetro-boys club” now, that holds sway. Is this true, in this day and age???

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