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Claire Lovering in association with The Old 505 Theatre presents, RIVER, written by Claire Lovering, at The Theatre 505, Hibernian House, Level 5, 342 Elizabeth St, Central Railway. 18Nov – 23 Nov.

RIVER, written and performed by Claire Lovering began its life

as a ten minute monologue at a Rocksurfers’ Cut and Paste in May 2014 that became a one-hour performance that premiered at the Rocksurfers’ Bondi Feast Festival in July 2014. It has since been rewritten and dramaturged under the guidance of Sarah Giles for this season at The Old 505 Theatre.”

It is travelling to Perth and Adelaide next year.

River is a quiet and lonely, not too bright young woman living a very ordinary life on the edge of poverty. But, her life, for her, is full of wonder. Wonders that includes the pleasure of a perfect Vegemite spreading on toast, a scone and cuppa tea, and a sharing of the delight, with an older man called Harry, in the cafeteria of Woolies in George St, at a pink Laminex table top and fake leather booth-seating, of a meticulously made (almost scientific in its preparation) potato crisp sandwich. RIVER is a little play about ordinary pleasures with ordinary folk in very ordinary places.

This work, quietly observed and nurtured, is delivered by Ms Lovering with gentle, delicate unconditional love. It underlines the Dickensian observation: That every human creature is constituted to be a profound mystery and secret. We, merely, have to look, really look, and we will see and come to value them.

Tender, warm. Small and modest. Short and amiable.

Design Consultant, Alicia Clement, subtle lighting, by Benjamin Brockman. Terrific Sound Design, by Nate Edmondson. Workshopping, by Sarah Giles.