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The Plot

Photo by Mark Micaleff Photography

Skylight Productions present THE PLOT, written and Produced by Evdoika Katahanas, at the Mantouridion Theatre, Building 36, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville. 13 Feb – 1Mar.

During the month of March I was ‘afflicted’ with a summer flu, and although I saw some work in the theatre, was not able to diarise. I shall attempt to catch-up.

THE PLOT, is a new Australian play by Evdokia Katahanas, and has its origins in the appreciation of the life of the aged and the observation that ‘the measure of a civilised society is how we treat our most vulnerable members’. The location for this play is in a Nursing Home/Care Centre for the Aged. We meet patients wearied with physical and mental deterioration, all with different levels of awareness, and the devoted ‘foot soldiers’/nurses, who care for them. We also observe the Corporate organisation and organisers behind the running of the home and the corruption and immoral criminal behaviours that sometimes take advantage of the ‘guests’ and their families.

There are some character drawings by the writer that are advantaged by the inventive imaginations of the actors and their skills: Deborah Galanos demonstrating a fearless courage in her dual performance as Dora and Frieda; Maggie Blinco, as Daisy. But all the actors, bravely, strut their opportunities no matter the thinness of the writing. Essentially, the play is a structural ‘mess’ and needs some more time spent dramaturgically in refining the action mechanisms and characterisations. The Director, Sophie Kelly, has created a fluid flow to the text as it stands and keeps the work in motion with a dedicated and committed company. Their value not to be underestimated!

The playwrighting needs to go back to the desk, now that the work has had some breath put into it and been ‘workshopped’ and tested with an audience, so that the strengths and weaknesses can be sorted out for a richer and more rewarding theatrical experience.