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I Sing Songs

A new Cabaret Performance: I SING SONGS, featuring Steven Kreamer, at Ginger’s at the Oxford Hotel, Darlinghurst. 7th May.

Steven Kreamer is a young musician, composer and performer. Most of his work has been as either a Musical Director or Associate Musical Director. For instance: ASSASSINS (Hayes/Luckiest), LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (Tinderbox/Luckiest), EVERYBODY LOVES LUCY (Luckiest), SHOW QUEEN (Trevor Ashley) NOSFERATUTU (Griffin/Virginia Hyam).

Mr Kreamer is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Composition) and has had work accepted into New Musicals Australia and the Home Grown Grass Roots Initiative. He was co-writer on THERE’S NO ONE NEW AROUND YOU (Keira Daley/Mark Simpson), and composer/lyricist for IN STITCHES (with book by Alex Giles).

This cabaret performance, concert, from Mr Kreamer, his first, was given in the cosy space, Ginger’s, on the first floor of the Oxford Hotel, and featured mostly, original works of his own, he accompanying himself on the piano. The lyrics are personal expressions, recreations, of events from his young life, which are essentially naive with more than a casual sentimental attachment. There is no original point-of-view in the lyric writing that can startle one into a propelling or rewarding contemplation. One’s world will not be perceived differently or be changed. There is no Hammerstein and definitely no Sondheim word smithing here. While the composition is fairly unsophisticated and is more technically flamboyant than of any note of tuneful melody or aural arrest. There is, as well, no Richard Rogers or even Kurt Weill music invention here (despite Mr Kreamer’s reach for his piano accordion!) One did not leave the venue with the lyrics of any work indelibly imprinted in one’s memory to cherish, and, certainly, there was no new tune to hum or sing as a gift to memorialise the occasion.

A young ambitious artist that, as yet, has not had the life or found the urgent need to essentially express his individuality with either a unique or distinctive persona. The piano playing was focused and the voice light and, as yet, not his first ‘instrument’.