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Programs, get your programs!



The following excerpt is pulled from the HAPPY AS LARRY blog:

These programs are not the only inadequate programs. And at least they are free. Unless you can afford the $10 for the STC shows, [$12 for the more “elaborate” programs of the Festival – dramaturgically, generally, poor in comparison to the London experience] and many people can’t and won’t pay it, the artists remain virtually unknown, unless you gather around the poster on the wall in the foyer. You and a couple of hundred as you exit!!!!! Surely a handout on each seat or for the interested as they enter, would be useful? Why the actor’s Agents or Union have not insisted that at least program recognition was given to their artists in this hand out form, when the artists are generally undercompensated for their craft and passion I can’t understand!(?) And I mean for all the CREATIVES not just the ACTOR/PERFORMER.

In London the programs at the National are 3 pound each, in Australian terms, approx $6. SIX DOLLARS, not TEN or TWELVE. They are chock a block with biog and photographs and illuminating articles and essays supporting the appreciation of the performance. Someone should take dramaturgical responsibility for the $10 STC program to justify the audience’s purchase. Belvoir leaves the STC program policy for dead. The Opera and Ballet are overpriced at $15. (Of course, who knows what the House is taxing that service to the public. The ushers selling the programs are as probably as overburdened as those who are in the Box Office, as I am still being asked to pay FIVE DOLLARS on top of the ticket price to attend the Sydney Opera House programs despite the fact that it is me, present, at the box office with cash in hand!!!!!!!!

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  1. So can you actually buy a ticket at the advertised ticket price for House shows anywhere? If not, surely this is almost fraudulent, no?

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