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FAKER at Oxford Art Factory, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

As you know my deal with myself is to review all the live “theatre” I see. A Diary of my experiences. So, this is how cool I am…….!!!!

On Friday night I was invited to a performance of FAKER, an Australian alternative rock band, to see a friend of mine make his debut as one of the guitarists. It was also a Christmas Party put on by the Band. My name was on the door list plus one. Very Special I thought.

The Oxford Art Factory is a really “coool” new venue for live music and dancing. It is very well kitted out. Very comfortable and very, very attractive. No pub space this. Good service as well. (Its other life, I remember it as, CENTRAL STATION RECORDS and clothes shop.) Two sections divided by a glass cubicle with two framed doors. On the night I was there the two sections were divided and a live Installation Act three girls variously dealing with Christmas gifts, toys and costumes were in the glassbox. Fake snow and wrapping everywhere. It went on for quite some time. The more Vodka Tonics I had, the better the Installation became.

FAKER is a quintet of musicians, led by a quirky and sexy waif called Nathan Hudson with Vic Mullins, Flynn Scully, Lucio Pedrazzi and Dizzi DeCazz. They have two albums ADDICTED ROMANTIC; BE THE TWILIGHT. Singles from the both albums have been very succcessful: This Heart Attack; Are You Magnetic; Sleepwalking. This year they had three nominations for the Aria Awards for Best Group. Best Rock Album. Best Single.

The live performance by the Band has been described as an “exciting and honest heart-on-sleeves act”. I’d have to agree. A decent length of set and encores. No way would I usually play or listen to this music but the live playing and the magnetic and charismatic Mr Hudson, beautifully supported by a group of musicians that just oozed a love of creating, it had me uninhibitedly transported to a very receptive place. I had a great time. Nothing beats hearing and seeing LIVE music performance. The passion of the artists is infectious.

The fans were a great mixture of a whole cross section of the population. I definitely recommend FAKER (I checked out their website and the video clips are fun. The live experience of course is better) I also recommend the venue. A good, good and surprising (for me) time was had by all. Thanks for the invite.

For more info on FAKER visit or

3 replies to “Faker”

  1. Kevin, you’re just to cool for school! I’m so glad I was pointed to your review pages. Great to read you opinion on things I am to see, have seen, or should/shouldn’t go see. Looking forward to next years shared experiences already. Bug Hugs. Richard.*

  2. Thanks For the awesome review Kevin!! it was an honour to have you at the show, Thank you for all the support over the years old friend.

  3. Dear Kev, great review! Funnily enough I was at the OAF (yes, a very ‘coool’ venue!) the same night you posted this blog, 22 Dec, to see my hero in action with his new band, Steve Kilbey from The Church.

    Nice one! :)

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