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Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

The Studio at Sydney Opera House presents 1927 in BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA proudly supported by the British Council.

1927 is a group of four artists from the UK who have concocted a pleasant little Cabaret event. It was a prize winner at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007.

A simple projection screen. Projected are some very beautiful, nostalgic animations and live action film (Paul Barritt) which two of the performers Esme Appleton and Suzanne Andrade perform in front of and interact with, whilst the fourth of their troupe, Lillian Henley, accompanies on piano. The tunes are original but are faintly delightfully familiar. They present maybe ten or so tiny sketches each with a title such as THE LODGER, THE GRANDMOTHER. (My two favourite stories.) The content is lightweight and frivolous. They have the air of children’s bedtime stories but these are told by little girls who once may have been Belles at Saint Trinian’s School. There is always a slightly sinister edge. An amusing sinister edge, thankfully. If you remember ROCKY and BULLWINKLE and The Fractured Fairy Tales you will have some sense of the wicked but twisted, innocent humour. It is a very lightweight hour (or less) but it could serve as a balm for tender minds in this cruel world.