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An Unseasonable Fall of Snow


Ewan Productions presents, AN UNSEASONABLE FALL OF SNOW, by Gary Henderson, at the The Actor’s Pulse Studio – 103 Regent Street, Redfern. 30th May – 3 June.

AN UNSEASONABLE FALL OF SNOW is a play by New Zealander, Gary Henderson, written in 1998. It is a one hour show for three actors.

In a nondescript room, a table, two chairs, a steel drawed cabinet, a blackboard, chalk, a folder with files and photographs and a bottomless access to coffee, Arthur, in suit and tie, (Nico Papademetriou) impatiently waits. Enter, a young man, Liam (Alex Ewan), in a leather jacket and jeans. Liam is invited to sit down. Questioning leads us through a set of given circumstances that leads to the revelation of a death and guilt. Liam is distressed. Then, Arthur reveals another set of independent circumstances that lead to another death. Arthur is distressed. A door opens, Arthur exits. Liam is left waiting in the room anxiously, impatiently. Enter, Tony, in workman’s clothes (Randall). He is invited to sit. Existential vibes galore, collide.

This intriguing play is a conundrum of some real tension and wit. The performances by Mr Papademetriou and especially Mr Ewan are convincing and invite the audience to surrender to the ‘game’ of the scenario quite quickly and comfortably. Giles Gartrell-Mills Directs the work and the actors with assurance and uncomplicated élan.

Have dinner at one of the many hip restaurants around the corners of Regent St, have some fun watching AN UNSEASONABLE FALL OF SNOW, and have a relax and chat at one of the many ‘hip’ bars up and down the street, after the performance. Fun three times over.

It is a recommended night out.