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Double Exposure

B Sharp present SUMMER COMEDY & CABARET. CRE8ION presents DOUBLE EXPOSURE, in the Downstairs Space at Belvoir Theatre.


DOUBLE EXPOSURE is part of a triple bill of Comedy and cabaret offerings that play on alternate nights in the Downstairs Theatre until the 14th February. The brochure for this show says “Two strange men, two strange minds, one big night of stand up comedy.”

The first half of the program features Marty Murphy in HAPPY AND CLEAN, directed by Tommy Murphy. Marty Murphy, dressed in a period pin striped suit and shiny black shoes, with a white handkerchief tucked, necessarily in the suit pocket, and very neat hair, “takes us on a surreal journey as he reveals how he became a B-grade movie director with three-act tendencies who writes an action thriller set on a turkey farm. This comic experience has Murphy playing his own straight man to over twenty-five other characters.” The elegant and deceptively, mildly energized performance by Mr Murphy is not only highly skillful in the most delightful way but also gently and accumulatively funny. The narrative is all consuming and the lightning switches from one beautifully economic characterisation, both vocally and physically, to another and back again, is deceptively simple and hugely, a cause for amazement. This is a fifty minute monologue that is highly original and amusing not only for the cumulative absurdity of the narrative but for all the delicious people we meet through the skills of Mr Murphy. We all had our favourites but all of them are lovable and, frighteningly, recognisable. Gentle but satisfying laughter.

After the interval, Flacco goes BEYOND THE PALE. Flacco entertains us as he prepares his material for a performance that never eventuates for us to witness. In a very peculiar long coat of unique design and button structure with a period grey Bogart hat, Flacco begins a routine of comedy that swiftly disarms the defences of the audience. I found myself in response to the comedy offers of Flacco expressing my joy in loud, LOUD guffaws, we all did. This is a marvellous performance of such consummate skill that it needs to be celebrated. The audience with me in the Downstairs space were also dangerously silly and noisy with their comedy responses. A surprise guest joined Flacco (The Sandman) and a raw set of political lampooning followed that had the exciting sense of improvisation and real bite.

This season has a few performances left in its shared triple bill and I reckon you would be mad not to try to see it. Two strikingly different techniques to elicit the health of a nation through a bloody good laugh in this intimate venue is well worth cancelling everything else to see. We loved it. Playing: Fri, 5th Feb (8.15 pm); Tues, 9th Feb (7pm); Weds 10th Feb (8.15pm).

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