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Get Her Outta Here

Photo by Phil Erbacher

Isabella Broccolini presents, GET HER OUTTA HERE, by Isabella Broccolini (Tannock), at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern. 19-21 April.

GET HER OUTTA HERE, is a Performance Piece by Isabella Broccolini.

Red Lady has fallen from planet earth, a planet that no longer exists. With no knowledge of how she got there or what happened at the end, completely alone, Red Lady has landed in the room of red; a small hexagonal box floating in out of space. Faced with the realisation that she has left everyone and everything, Red Lady is forced to discover a whole new world and way of survival.

In a whole bunch of theatrical darings, Isabella Broccolini, offers a series of ‘darkly raw comedic narrative … Described as ‘Frantic Radness”, I write, perform and physicalize the struggles of Red Lady; a symbol and exploration of the female identity.”

We find on entry to the theatre space, on the stage, a female body ‘packed’ in a suitcase, its arms and legs hanging out from either end in a density of red light. The show begins, daringly, in a long voice-over: a long telephonic sexual interaction that moves from text verbalisations, to iPhone to iphone conversation, to iphone speaker to iPhone speaker communication, where the male, and especially female participant have an excruciatingly extensive self-masturbation, the male comes relatively quickly, the female takes her time to a satisfying orgasm, which she does with a graphic and extensive vocal expression. This phone sex interaction takes some time.

What follows is an orchestral interlude where the ‘prone’ body packed still in the suitcase, still, remains inert. Its length is similarly daring in its choice. Ms Broccolini has considered theatrical intentions – the audience are made to endure, to ‘dance’ to her daring intentions – throwing us into objective investigations/engagement. There follows a sexually risque physical ‘ballet/dance’ with the suitcase – a comic burlesque!

Short stories of a surreal sexual sensitivity are woven through the work – your next visit to your local IGA may have new vibrations! The Red Lady’s stories create a persona astonishing in its frank, matter-of-fact sexual appetite which comes sauced in the politics and extravagances of the hip world of our time – green health drinks, plastics/phobia amongst many others – we laugh in recognition of the environment and incident.

The combination of physical work, especially the expressively spectacular face that has the ability to be extraordinarily handsome/beautiful that shifts to contortions of fascinating grotesquery, with the telling of the self-written stories make for a startlingly interesting feminine/feminist exampling of the complexity of the female subterranean inner monologue of our species, that not all of us have knowledge of. Ms Broccolini demands that attention must be paid to it.

GET HER OUTTA HERE is not a perfect piece of work as yet but it is gob-smackingly thrilling in what it reveals and is breathtakingly admiral in its outrageous courage, bravery.

Ms Broccolini is an alert-ego of actor Isabella Tannock. There are only three performances of this raw (rough) promising work. Only 60 minutes long in a neighbourhood of hip eateries and bars – worth a visit.